Talty Roots Project

 Single Family Genealogical Study


“Do you have a Talty ancestor, and would like to find family records, or find out where the family

originated? Together we can find the answers”

Project based in Co. Clare Ireland


This newsletter introduces the project and its aims. It also gives contact information.

Newsletter 1 : Aims of project

September 2013

Updates on progress of aims and also arrangements for meetings. (If you wish to organise a meeting in your area, let us know

Newsletter 2 : Progress

December 2013

Users are invited to submit interesting life stories about Talty ancestors which are worth sharing with the extended group.

Newsletter 3: International reports

Feb 1st 2014

The main aims of the study are to provide a forum in which members of the Talty family name group can contact each other and support each other in their mutual searches for their family ancestry. It is hoped that this can reduce work and expense for people and also add to our collective knowledge of the origins of the name

Aims of the Study


Talty Family Project


1. The Talty family name started in Co Clare Ireland during the 1600’s

2. People of this name were previously known as O’ Reilly, and migrated to Co Clare during the Plantation of Ulster from Co Cavan.

Michael Talty b. 1805 from Ennis, migrated to the US in 1853.He was married in 1827 to Catherine Costello b. 1808, probably in the Ennis area. Michael's father John b. abt 1780 in Glascloon and his wife Honora (Bridget) McInerney b. abt 1785 in Caherlean.

Jim (USA)

Michael Talty b 1808

Margaret Talty from Toureen Miltown Malbay (Kilfarboy) born 22 Jan 1842. Parents were John Talty and Margaret Doherty. Emmigrated to Australia. Any information appreciated

Heather (Australia)

information appre

Margaret Talty b 1842

Patrick Talty born 26 Oct 1848 in Glendine South, Miltown Malbay (Kilfarboy). Presumed he emigrated but not known to where. Any help appreciated. Father Michael Talty and Mother Brid O Brien. Brid (Ireland)

Patrick Talty b 1848

Chat facility

The chat facility will allow any user to give opinions on how the project should progress in order for all users to get the most out of what is proposed. It also gives people the chance to identify possible family connections, and help each other with research and information which can be shared.


YDNA Testing

It is hoped to conduct YDNA tests on a number of male descendants of Talty family in order to establish the origin, down to town land, of the first Talty male. This will also test some stories from family lore on the origins of the name and the origins of our progenitors.


Martin Michael Talty b 1804-1809 Coore. Died Doonogan 1901. May have lived in New York and Hong Kong. Any information appreciated.

Martin Michael Talty

Features Talty family members who have become know globally for endeavours in their chosen fields and who have achieved recognition.  

Talty’s Global


Clare County Library has done Trojan work over the years in order to bring genealogical information to visitors online.  The following are some links which can be used in searches for Talty members.

If you have any stories of Talty family members who emigrated from Ireland and have interesting tales to share, we would love to hear from you and share,


Sincere thanks to Br. Michael Talty in Brisbane, Heather Coleman in Victoria, Julia Dailey in the US and Julie Ann Olson for all their help and information. My thanks also go to the parish administrators for all their help with records.


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Parish Feature NO. 1 - Kilmurray Ibrickane

Kilmurray Ibrickane Parish is located on the West Coast of County Clare in Ireland and was the parish in which many Talty families originated. The town lands in the parish in which Talty families lived included Coore, Cloonlaheen, Mahera, Donogan, Mountscott and Doolough. Between 1800 and 1900 there were 21 family units of Talty in this parish. Family sizes tended to average at 5 children and many of the children emigrated to the US and Australia mainly. Only 14 female Talty offspring are recorded as having married and stayed in the locality over this period of time. The western side of the parish is dominated by the fishing village of Quilty and the eastern side by the village of Mullagh. Up to 1834 the parish of Kilmurray Ibrikane was one with Kilfarboy and combined population was 18,000. This was reduced by 76% by the early 1900’s.

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